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Stanley Piasczyk, founder of Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas, started his career working for a refrigeration contractor for 5 years before organizing Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas. During that time, he realized the industry lacked quality commercial refrigerator gaskets and hardware. Out of his frustration, Refrigeration Gaskets was born in 1994. To start the business Stanley liquidated prized possessions, including his Corvette, to purchase the companies first gasket machine.

Around 1997 requests for other services, including door repair, became common and Stanley had the vision to fulfill those needs. Refrigeration Gaskets started manufacturing replacement doors which have proven to be one of the strongest, most durable doors available. Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas manufactures a model called 'Indestructible'. Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas has risen from a local Houston business to one that is proud to offer a complete line of commercial refrigerator services nationally. We understand and take pride in the quality of our products and exceptional customer service. Mr. Piasczyk still holds his Texas Refrigerator License and manages the business today.

Physical Location

We are located just south of the north 610 loop, between Durham and Sheppard on 22nd street.


729 West 22nd Street
Houston, Texas 77008


Toll-Free: 1-800-404-2005
Phone: 713-880-8066

Business Hours

Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm central time.

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