Commercial Refrigerator Gaskets

Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas keeps a wide variety of common gaskets in on our wall of gaskets. We also make a wide variety of gaskets for manufactured and custom build coolers and freezers.

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Common Gaskets Profile & Sizes

If you need the gasket "right now", you may call our store and we'll have one ready in a matter of minutes! Please refer to out gasket catalogue for a full list of the most common gasket profile and sizes. Need a price on a gasket? Use the gasket order form for a quote!

Gasket Order Form

If you need a gasket other than one listed above, we can custom make one for you. Please complete the custom gasket quote form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Common Gasket Profiles

If you did not see you gasket listed above, we can make you a custom gasket. Below are some of the gaskets profiles we carry:


Common Gaskets & Samples

To better understand what a gasket really looks like, you will find a few gasket profiles and sample gasket cutting. This should show you what the gaskets are like compared to the profile drawings.


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