About RGT

Stanley Piaszcyk, founder of Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas, started his career working for a refrigeration contractor for 5 years before organizing RGT. during that time, he realized the industry lacked quality commercial refrigerator gaskets and hardware. thus in 1994, Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas was born, and we are proud to bring a one-stop shop for coolers.

About MYRA

Following the success of Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas in 1998, we were blessed to have Myra Piasczyk on board, who insisted we start building custom coolers. Under her decision, we took off as scheduled. We started making quality walk-in cooler and freezer boxes, door inserts and many repair parts. Her model was and still to this day includes quality and service. She has since passed away but her model still lives on.