485 1/4 Turn Low Conduction Inside Release with Strike


  • Prevents entrapment in walk-in coolers and freezers • Occupants can exit easily and quickly by using the 1/4 turn lever, should the door be locked from the outside • Meets ADA requirements for emergency egress • Large glow in the dark surface provides better visibility in low light or emergency situations • Accommodates up to 3/8” jamb thickness variation (or self adjusting to accommodate various wall thicknesses
  • Thermal break separates the brass rod from the cold zone of freezer to eliminate sweating on the strike • Inside mechanism permanently mounts inside jamb • Includes alignment plate for outside strike to maintain proper alignment in field • Tethered connection included for outside strike lock mechanism • Shorter lever than previous ¼ turn levers; does not protrude into door opening after actuation • Retrofit adaptation available for all flush installations of 0027 latch

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