Our in-house technicians can install, service, and repair your commercial walk-in cooler/freezer onsite. Our goal is to make sure our onsite technical assistance meets your needs in a way that surpasses your expectations by finishing on time and within budget.

Our refrigeration equipment technicians have the TDLR Refrigeration & Air Conditioning certifications. Check out the services we provide below. ↓


We repair your commercial freezer or cooler box, right the first time. We work on walk-in commercial freezers and walk-in coolers. We are dedicated to providing quality workmanship, professional service, and customer satisfaction every time. Whether you’re running a family-owned restaurant or a five-star hotel, no walk-in freezer repair or walk in cooler repair job is too small or too big for us.

The following are situations where it probably makes sense to have the walk-in repaired instead of replacing the walk-in.

  • The door is not closing. Simply adjusting or replacing the door hardware should address the issue.
  • Recent damage to a panel(s) may only require a patch or replacement of only the affected panels
  • White rust or slight corrosion could be addressed with reskinning the interior with Thermal Liner panels


Repairing floors damaged by a refrigerator leak depends on how much water leaked from the refrigerator, how long the water was allowed to sit before the leak was noticed, and what kind of material the floor is. In some instances, the floor can be refinished or re-stained, and the problem can be repaired; in others, the floor or subfloor may need to be replaced. At some point, you might want to weigh the cost of refurbishing your walk-in against the cost of outright replacement. We are experts in getting your refrigerator floor in good condition.

Is your floor finish peeling away from the insulation?

Is mildew or food spillage between floor seams causing a health hazard? Solve the problem with a new floor over laminate. Our standard .100 aluminum finish provides a durable surface. Other aluminum and stainless steel finishes are also available.

If you have extensive floor damage or want to add a floor to an existing floorless walk-in, Refrigeration gaskets drop-in floors are the answer. Drop-in floors are field installed in your walk-in regardless of the manufacturer.


Our Service team has years of experience. We understand that you are busy, so we are flexible and will come to your business to help streamline your Walk-in freezer/cooler needs. Inspections and estimates are done in a quick and reliable manner to meet your needs. Whatever you need in commercial walk-in cooler maintenance or installation, (except the refrigeration and condensing) we’re ready to take care of you. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated, and we’re also proud of our outstanding reputation It’s easy to schedule a service appointment online, or you can contact our friendly staff at 713-880-8066.


Our technicians are experts in electrical light replacements. On average, lighting contributes 20% to 50% of a business’ electricity usage. As an operator of a walk-in cooler or freezer, your choice of lighting is of even greater importance. Every bit of heat that is added to the walk-in’s environment is going to increase the load on your refrigeration, ultimately resulting in inflated energy costs. Our experts shall better guide you regarding your walk-in cooler/freezer electrical fixture and light replacement.


Our Technicians can efficiently replace the panels of your Walk-in cooler or freezer Box. Our panels are modular for ease of assembly with interlocking tongue-and-groove perimeter panels. 

Panels can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications. 

Tight-sealing, factory-installed double bulb-type NSF approved compression gaskets.


Our Ceiling replacement by our service team is top notched. The ceiling replacement provides excellent moisture protection for walk-in ceiling panels in outdoor installations.

Ceiling panels are strong and easy to install. 

Our panels (Metal SIPs) are made with expanded polystyrene insulation laminated with steel.


Here are some situations where it is appropriate to consider calling Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas replacing your walk-in:

  • The panel joints are opening up
  • Panel skins are de-laminating, skins are loose to the touch and/or have bubbles
  • Panel walls are bowing, or ceiling is bowing/caving in
  • Existing panels may have low R-value or are not meeting current energy codes
  • The skins have areas with holes exposing the core foam due to corrosion or physical damage. This can allow moisture to enter the panel and reduce the R-value
  • The freezer floor is heaving due to water getting under the walk-in and freezing
  • Exterior panel joints are sweating. In some ambient conditions the combination of temperature and high humidity is such that having wood-framed panels or inadequate R-value can be the cause. It will be beneficial to move to a frame type and/or thicker panels that are designed to operate in those kinds of conditions.
  • These are all conditions in which it makes sense to replace the walk-in cooler or freezer as you are more than likely experiencing a decrease in performance with them present.


Heated glass display cases can be invaluable to any business owner because they allow for the display of foods without the buildup of condensation. Heated glass is recommended for areas with high humidity. This includes warm environments, and placement such as a drive through where the glass is exposed to the elements. Heated glass eliminates sweating of the display case glass, allowing your customers to always have visual access to your products.

Non-Heated windows can be prone to condensation on the outside depending on the exterior environment where the cooler is installed.



Has your walk-in cooler or freezer seen a lot of use and abuse over the years? Door parts on walk-ins are particularly susceptible due to heavy traffic and may become worn or break.


Over time, numerous openings and closings, dents and scrapes can reduce the performance of a walk-in door and place your stored items at risk. Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas surface-mount replacement doors restore your walk-in’s ability to hold the cold. They also fit practically any walk-in cooler or freezer, even one from another manufacturer. Refrigeration Gaskets of Texas serves commercial food stores throughout Houston, TX and surrounding Communities. We are dedicated to providing quality workmanship, professional service, and customer satisfaction every time.




We can install, maintain and (if necessary) repair or replace your strip curtains. Strip doors / strip curtains are extremely versatile Often referred to as PVC strip doors or strip curtains, they are made up of clear or tinted overlapping flexible PVC material.

Walk-in freezer/cooler curtains or refrigerator curtains help reduce wear, decrease filter maintenance and lessen coil icing. Strip doors also protect against noise, wind and dirt, which can protect sensitive supplies and equipment.


Installing gaskets on an older or not so perfect door can be challenging. Especially when hinges are worn or need adjusting. Our experts have the technical skills to make your gasket seals correctly. We guarantee when we install a gasket, it will fit perfectly, and be the same quality of OEM gaskets. At Refrigeration Gaskets, we can install and replace commercial refrigerator door gaskets and walk-in cooler gaskets for a wide range of brands. Our custom-made gasket replacement service from production to installation takes 24 hours, depending on your location.

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